Slovenija's "Crypto6 incident" of 1988

This is the historical precedent for the Fed raids on NH radio talk show hosts…and it looks like we are on track in creating something along similar lines to what Slovenes built in response the Belgrade’s overstep against free speech. Presumably the Slovenes saved their arrested journalists from parts of their sentences…by declaring independence.

“On 31 May 2013, a plaque commemorating the 25th anniversary of (the trial) event was unveiled on the building where the military court was held.” Maybe someday we can put up a plaque at the former Fed bldg in Concord.

But it’s gonna get worse before it gets better.

Note that the Yugo governments of 1989 era treated these political prisoners with great humanity after conviction. one of them was on the honor system to come back to jail each night… one time he was late, no one cared, and he had to break into the jail to continue serving his sentence. Compare that to the feds and their ten year minimum if our media outlet Ian Freeman is convicted!