Signed the Free State Project Pledge, Now I am thinking of moving!

hello everyone! My name is Carlos Beltran. Some of you may remember me from my days as a liberty troll during the Ron Paul Campaigns. I am about to hit 40. No Kids, no specific ties anywhere. I am a state certified Firefighter and HAZMAT operator as well as various wildland and high country certs.

I am here because I am a voluntaryist. I have been since around 2009. I was part of various meetup groups in AZ back in 2007 making signs for Dr. Paul after watching America:Freedom to Fascism. I learned and learned and eventually came to the logical conclusion that taxtation was violence and theft. I signed the Free State project pledge in 2005 or so. I was very excited to move and life happened. Now, later in life I feel it is time to see the area and start the planning process. I am looking forward to getting to know you all.

I found these forums through FREE KEENE DOT COOOOM. I had to do it in Ridley’s voice. lol.

Cool, please let us know how we can be of assistance. When do you think you’ll be here? FSP move “deadline” is February 2021.

IAN!!! Bruh, like longtime listener. Since like 2007 or 8. You guys are awesome!
My flight arrives in Boston on July 21st, and I am going to Portland, ME to backpack around for a couple days. After I get back to Boston on the 25th, I’ll be headed to Keene. Still trying to figure out the best way to do that since I am on foot. Greyhound wants to take me way south to Hartford, CT to go back north to Keene. I am sure between now and then I will find the right solution.

I want to spend 5 days in Keene, and do some activism if possible. I’ve always wanted to Robin Hood the downtown of Keene! lol. I also figure it would be great time to look for possible job contacts and a bit of housing search? If things all settle correctly, I’ll be coming back to CO to start planning and packing.

I look forward to meeting you guys.

Grats on the new phase!