Should minimum wage be increased?

yes, but not in the traditional way.
here is how you do that:

  1. eliminate all taxes from being taken from the employee by the state (social security should be opt in)
  2. cut business taxes with the stipulation the saved money be used to raise pay of employees.

those 2 items are the #1 and #2 cause of small business failures IMO .

edit: i usually listen the to podcast in the morning before work.

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sounds good … what is the penalty for an employer for not raising the pay afterwards?

I would respectfully so no, in fact I believe it should be done away with completely. Employers should be free to pay what they feel is fair or for that matter affordable. Now I can see the cognitive dissonance building on your face, but try to hear me out. If an employer chooses to pay sub-par wages then how many of you would work for them? What type of employee would this evil employer attract? I don’t believe it would take long before the evil employer would go out of business. Now on the other hand you have mister good guy employer, he pays above-par wages to his qualified well-trained, good work ethic, employees. How many of you qualified or willing to become qualified would want to work for said good guy employer?

Now the argument in part comes around to qualified worker, yes you can argue how does one get the skills needed to be considered qualified to get the good paying jobs, without first having a job? IMHO, we need to change the education system. First get rid of this cultural and diversity Bull Shit being taught in schools today and return to the basics, math, english, real history, how to use a pen and paper to write and then second, every school needs to have a vocational element to the study program. When I was in school, we were writing on stone tablets back then, but we had a green house, we grew plants to sell which in turn helped keep the program alive, and taught us, one, how to grow things and two, economics. My love for growing my own food today although many, many years later came out of this.

(The industrial arts program gave me a love for working with my hands and machinery, I went on after 3 years in the army to work as a mechanic for over 25 years and then 15 more years in a computer repair business of my own.)

Also, employers should be allowed to pay less for unqualified workers who choose to work for less to get the qualifications to get the higher paying jobs.

Now as far as a work ethic goes well that’s on you mom and pop, you need to do more of the work you have given up to the socialist, snowflake machine called the education system.



The business taxes (but not the tax on employee paychecks) return.

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so would you do this at a state level or federal?

the federal govt should be restricted back to its constitutional limits. the states should also be reigned in to comply with the US constitution, and their own state constitution. so both levels is the answer you want.
in todays govt they ignore the constitution except to trot it out to say “look we obeyed the constitution in this matter” (they actually dont but the populace doesnt see that for some reason). like when they passed the ACA it out saying it was constitutional, when in fact it was not, and still is not.

It should be quite evident that the constitution is all but shredded. So what’s the answer, IMHO it’s not violence towards our government, it’s disconnecting from its grip. How you say, by working with our communities to create alternatives, such as currency, (not digital) but hard assets, create a bartering network. Creating a communication network outside of the digital world, i.e. face to face contact with your neighbors. Create a community garden to help feed the poor. Remove all law enforcement and work with friends and neighbors to inform those who would cause harm and discourse that they are not welcome here.

Unplug from the system, boycott all corporate influences, return to mom-and-pop brick and mortar stores. Become less consumer/takers and more givers/leavers (learn from some native tribes who practiced decisions making with thinking about how those decisions would affect 7 generations out). Learn to live without all the bells and whistles of so called modern society. Eat only what can be had locally, read . Get rid of trinket manufacturing and only produce what is needed.

Ditch the cancer causing tracking devices i.e. cell phones, for that mater ditch all technologies, they only serve to alienate and manipulate us.

Promote the local library and teach the future generations to read a book.

Promote a healthy community not just in food consumption but mental health as well.

And what I consider the most important thing to promote is:

Treat everyone the way you want to be treated and the zero aggression principal. If we care for others the way we want to be cared and treated for and not be aggressive in any dealings with others, there would be less if not any, hunger, poverty, homelessness or possible even crime in such communities.

A bunch of random thoughts…

One last thought for today, there should be no and I mean no elected officials running these communities. The system that I believe would work best is more like jury duty, people from the community would be called open to run things/make decision best for all, and for a given amount of time, nothing long term (and compensated in a way that would be affordable to take time off from other forms of income.) There would also be an option for refusing to take part in this process, no mandatory service just voluntary.


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