Should Forkfest go back to being pre-Porcfest?

We’ve had three years pre-Porcfest, two post. If you’ve attended both variants, your feedback is welcome.

I thought the pre-Porcfest was better, but I don’t think that was the general consensus, and I kinda still think that might be the case. One of the problems we have with it being post Porcfest is that a lot of people attend both events and then burn out and end up leaving before Forkfest is actually over. If people are going burn out it’s probably better to do it ahead of Porcfest. However that said there is an argument to be had for doing it until the weekend of July 4th given the fireworks and it probably did work out better for me being over the July 4th weekend. I think there was less for me to have to deal with business wise because more people were away during the holiday period and leading up to it. By comparison when we have done Forkfest before Porcfest I was running into problems with other conflicting events and/or large business deals having to be taken care of which can sometimes be a challenge to do from the road.

Can someone share this link with the Telegram chat, please?

Caller to FTL tonight, John in NY says he likes afterwards because it slows down and includes the fireworks show.

John didn’t like when Forkfest was pre-Porcfest because the Porcfest security came in and ruined the vibe.

That security impact was a major reason we moved it to afterwards.

Yes, we didn’t see any of that this year or prior at Porcfest or Forkfest, but then they are saying it’s going to be like the bad couple of years again so… IDK. I’d probably just stick to holding Forkfest after Porcfest again next year. If we want to talk about changing it then lets do that now for Forkfest 2023. Doing it far enough in advance will enable us to better promote the change.

Can you elaborate on the “security impact”?

If my recollection of people and events is correct a certain FSP ‘officer’ was going around and harassing people like they owned the place when they were really supposed to be HELPING people move in during the coming days.

It affected the vibe of the last day/night. The penultimate night was the biggest night the last year we had Forkfest pre-porcfest. The final night was dead because Porcfest security had arrived by that point and even though they weren’t “officially” in charge of the campground, there was definitely an impact on the vibrations of the attendees and thus, the whole event. It’s was quite palpable.