Shire Society Lounge

Hello all, i will have the Shire Society Lounge set up again this year for both PF/FF. we will host poker games and just a bar like environment each night. i plan on having some steamed hotdogs for sale late night this year maybe some other snacks. last year there was not much going on during the day for both events. i am open to ideas or host events/speakers. the only issue we ran into was we are right next to FTL so we do not want to do anything that could disrupt the recording of the show.

Thanks, Matt. You are a real friend of the show.

thanks for the activity MP

Hey Matt!

Glad to see you posting on the forum.

I’m not sure the FTL site is going to be an issue this year. Honestly I’m not sure it should have ever been an issue or even was really. Hopefully we can do something recording wise on-site, but it’s going to be complicated with Aria and Ian being caged. Hopefully Captain and some of us can get something recorded from Forkfest though none-the-less.

it was not a issue with FTL at all, i just had someone who wanted to host a talk in the tent one of the days and poor planning on my part not thinking that the time was during the show. was not a big issue i just have to remember to keep things after 3/4 ish.