Shire Free Church Ordination

I don’t really know where this fits, but…

I’m creating a Meetup group partly inspired by the Shire Free Church declaration. I have signed the declaration and I agree with the mission and statement. I would like to get in contact with a minister for ordination and to get connected with others. I’m not sure how to contact Ian so if I could get some help with that that’d be great.

I don’t live in NH but I still think there is value in being connected.

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Great news. There is no ordination from others, as the church is decentralized. Please review for more information on that.

Where is your group based?

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The group is based in Northern Virginia.

I did read the page in it’s entirety. It is this I am confused about or misinterpreting:

“To become ordained, you must be a signer of the Shire Society declaration as well as agree with the mission and statement of beliefs of the church. To receive your official Ordained Minister card, please reach out to existing ministry via the contact information below.”

Nonetheless, I mainly just want to know if there is an active online group outside of these forums to stay connected.

Ok. I still have the card graphic here. Haven’t had someone ask for years. Send me an email at ian at

There is no other active group of which I am aware.

Can I be the Lucifer of your church?

Grumpy disgruntled burned-out “homeless” fat guy who is never seen in person. :smiling_imp:

You are officially the Lucifer of the church. I’m working on initiation ceremonies. I think they will include tequila and twister.

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