Shire firearms

I’ve been looking at the Ruger LCR. It is made in Newport, NH. I was going to get one in .327, but the fit seems messed up on all the ones I have looked at. Not all models have the same fit issues, so I may look at .38 or .357. Maybe the LCRx version.

The other shire gun I have been eyeing is the Sig P320. It was selected as the replacement pistol for the US Army.

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I can get you 25% off the P320, I have one. its a very nice gun.


I’ve been looking for an inexpensive carry piece myself.

I’m trying out the Ruger LCRx .357 as a carry gun, but I only plan on using .38 special +P ammo, unless I am using it as a trail gun, then I may load it with .357 magnum.

I still want to pick up a P320. I am leaning toward the RX model with integrated Romeo reflex sights.


I put a crimson trace laser grip on the LCRx. I also installed a XS night sight. With only 5 shots before a reload, I figure accuracy is pretty important.

this is all silly, who would have thought if you slam a loaded gun down on the ground it may go off.

I don’t want my gun to fire unless I pull the trigger.

I still want a P320, but I want one with whatever fix they do.

Glock had a similar issue with gen 1 guns, and had to do a recall.

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