Shalon Noone's Sentencing for BS "Child Endangerment" Charge

Originally published at: Shalon Noone’s Sentencing for BS “Child Endangerment” Charge | Free Keene

The saga of the State Thugs vs the Peaceful Noone Family continues with this sentencing hearing after Shalon Noone was found guilty of the bullshit “Child Endangerment” charge earlier this Summer. If you missed the trial video, see it here.

Since it was charged as a “Class A” misdemeanor, Shalon is appealing the charge “de novo”, which means “from the beginning”. That means she’ll get a whole new trial in “superior court” in front of a jury this time. So, this sentencing hearing will not really mean anything unless she decides to not move forward with the appeal.

The robed man, Judge Guptill sentenced her to 45 days in jail, all suspended on the condition of good behavior for a year.

Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest.

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is it possible she could receive a harsher sentence by going to the second trial? I guess that would mean going to the second trial is kinda ballsy on her part… assuming she does it.

Voidire questions should be short, succinct, and highly relevant.
The jurors should all be investigated to some extent prior to selection (FB, twitter, taxes, credit, etc.).
Sample questions for all jurors of this type case:
Do you now or have you ever worked for any governmental organizations, include jobs that derive more than 25% of their revenue from governmental agents or agencies? Elaborate specifics, including years and work performed.
Did you, your parents, and/ or your children attend any government run schools? Elaborate specifics including relationship history, when and where attended, including grades attended.
Are a member of any religious, charitable, educational, civic, or other ideological group? Explain details.
What is your education level? Elaborate specifics of educations, including years and specifics of education received.
Please explain your last ten years of employment history.
Do you have children and/or grandchildren you have cared for? Elaborate ages cared for and their educations received including specific school types attended during in your care.
Approximately how many children have you been caregiver for? Please include relationships and approximate times, e.g. ”babysitter, 20 children, approximately 100 days for an average of hrs awake, 8 hours sleeping each day from 2005-2010”, or e.g. ”parent, 3 children, joint custody, current ages 13, 22, 26”.
Does anyone in your family, whom you contacted once a month or more, work or have worked for any governmental organizations, include jobs that derive more than 25% of their revenue from governmental agents and agencies? Please elaborate specifics of relationship and job performed if so.
Have you or anyone in your family, whom you contacted once a month or more, had any serious injuries or death while children were nearby or being cared for? Please explain relationship, specific type of injuries and causes, and approximate years and circumstances.
Have you or anyone in your immediate family ever been incarcerated or otherwise in the care of a government agency except for previous explanations above? Please explain circumstances of the experiences. (Possible motives of jurors to incarcerate or place Shalon or children in government care).

Winning is not always by accident.

More importantly is the conviction itself and implications towards Shalon and similar parents future ability to caregive without impedance from state agents.

Obviously jurisdiction (personal and subject matter) must be contested in written filed motions prior to and during the initial hearing, witness lists created, interrogatories established for all witnesses, and establishing how and when any government witnesses have conducted any sworn falsifications.
Lots of work but its generally more an issue of attrition determining the victor in battles against this type entity.


Good luck… I’ve always hated the interference of the
government in medical issues (including covid-19).

The government shouldn’t be involved period. In either this case nor medical issues. Those should be between you and whoever you dang well hire.

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We should have the amount of sunshine we want on our bodies each day, determine how we spend each and all of our fruits, and live in the communities of our choosing.
As long as you live in and rely on other people’s communities such altruistics are delegated to those community governments directly and indirectly. They choose to fund their government with your commerce when you eat their food and pay their tributes.

Most of us made the choice to come live in and fund their regional community (NH) and the more local governments over such (county, city). We now we have their government over us. Only after humans consentually unite under our own unified unambiguous self-government federation outnumbering and overpowering their government with greater legitomacy can we credibly make broad sweeping generalizations over how our government is or isn’t applied using unanimous agreement. I.e. I minister the geography represented by and all guests are explicitly bound to abide by the SSD. They will have that government applied to them by such explicit agreement. If such guest then attempts to evict or otherwise harm me or my guests through force or coercion, I will use the minimum force necessary to prevent such ongoing harm in accordance with the SSD. The same goes for when we’re participating in the government of lands ministered by other Lords using mutually agreed self-governments.

Basically, it’s a matter of perspective on what government you’re subscribing, consenting, and funding others towards.

The importance of not paying taxes when you buy food is explicitly obvious.
In my town AFAIK nobody is allowed to forward taxes for food to their government. Unfortunately, when guests of my BnB use a corporate-government method to book stays, they are subscribing to the broader NH government over their stay here and pay for it with the rooms tax… I wish they booked directly under my mutually subscribed government (SSD), but ultimately I respect self-government choices so long as they don’t directly infringement my self-government.

People get the government they deserve.

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