Self intro

Hi I’m Stephanie aka Steph (or sometimes “pbandjelly” when I’m trying to be anonymous)

Who am I?
A mom and educator / learning facilitator (do not like the word teacher) who somewhat recently:

:bulb: learned about the history of our compulsory school system
:house: started homeschooling
:x: stopped “teaching” as a sub in the local schools
:free: started working online in media relations instead, for content creators, authors, and businesses in the liberty community

I found this little corner of the web because I was searching for directories of freedom businesses and other places to help me transact with people who believe in freedom, autonomy, and humanity. Just trying to vote with my dollars and all that (and w/ my time, energy and focus).

Specifically HOW I found Shire Society was that I was on Agorist Market in Telegram and happened upon a post in that chat that caught my eye. Someone posted that they were traveling around the country looking for businesses and individuals who do not support the state unless they absolutely have to (and they mentioned, I think, looking for “Shire Society governed”? communities)… anyway, that post had a link to this collection of forums, so that’s cool! Happy to be here. I was at Porcfest last year booking speakers for the AUTONOMY tent if anyone else was there, who is also here, and might remember myself and my friend Jill roaming around inviting people to come and listen to Scott Horton, Gene Epstein, and other speakers we had at our humble little site.

I’m rambling now but I do hope to:

  1. Make some connections here
  2. Find some “underground” or “paralell” chats and forums where I can safely shop or sell stuff or barter knowing I’m not fueling the statists.

Whether they’re here on SS, or elsewhere, please spam me with your recommendations for places to find the alt economy. Directories are great like and whatever else ya got. Thx.

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Welcome. Have you found a free stater “Market Day” near you yet? Sounds like you should attend one of those. Here’s one in Manch this month:

WhenSat, February 18, 2pm – 5pm

Where131 Amory St, Manchester, NH 03102, USA (map)

DescriptionJoin us for our monthly community market and farm share pick-up! Vendors welcome! Let us know what you’re vending and join the fun! Buy, Sell, Trade, and be merry! We encourage a $10 donation from vendors to the Quill for hosting the event. Get some shopping done from your fav local porcupines #shoplibertylocal

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There appears to be one currently in the North Country as well. Check out New Hampshire Calendar of Liberty Events | Join the Free State Project!


A great bunch of people in the North Country. I heartily recommend them.

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Glad you found us. You’re most welcome!

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Thank you. I live way out in the Pacific NW :wink:

Unfortunately, most of the shipping and transportation systems are government licensed and /or regulated, making in person communities the most feasible way to more completely practice agorism and voluntaryism.

I have a listing on to help people resolve disputes and strengthen our unity and shared purpose towards justice without the evil monopoly oversight.

Were you at ? That’s again in April iirc, you might go there to see a microcosm of what is happening here in the Shire.
I enjoy traveling and networking among the many voluntaryist strongholds in and out of the Shire, including multiple around OK there where they’re doing some great projects.
Strengthening the bonds between our many landlords and providing safe spaces for visitors is my current goal in life.

PM me your # if you want to connect on telegram or signal to share chats.
Telegram particularly has a ton of groups.

How are your local connections going? Between freedom cells and other networking efforts are there some limited amount of people nearby you?

Thanks - and no I wasn’t at Midfest.
Yes there’s a large group of us here in my area at the very northernmost point of WA :slight_smile:
In fact, after I wrote this post, one of the guys who started us a Discord server said he is going to lead a simple workshop for us on how to use crypto. I’ve resisted it up until now but perhaps it’s a worthwhile skill in order to avoid using CBDCs for whatever can’t be handled with physical exchanges.
I agree that the IRL exchanges will be (and are now) super important. Grateful there’s a network here of freedom friends!
During the “pandemic” we all had agora markets and seed swaps and potlucks (we still do the potlucks) – and it kept many of us sane.
But I do think transacting electronically and/or online will be helpful too.

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For sure, I’m not familiar with the current online black markets but surely there’s still some good ones that crypto will work at.