Secession in Family Court

I have the final trial for a family case where my ex-wife and her attorney have brought up my political activity as it relates to secession/revolution as a negative indicator of my ability to parent. I have not not an overnight with my children since August 2021, and I have only seen them every other weekend at a child’s visitation center for the past 6 months.

The Case number is 649-2018-DM-00373
In the Matter of Ahmad Esfahani and Alisha Cannon

If anyone can come to the final hearing (scheduled for the morning of 2.28.2024 for support (and to record) I would be very grateful.


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Using your public policy beliefs against you seems a bit unreasonable. You have the right as an American/New Hampshire citizen to advocate for whatever public policy you believe is in the best interest of you, your family, and your community.

Even if that means advocating for secession or lawful revolution against the present social order.

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adding this to my “call talk radio about” list. Although bad for Ahmad personally, this kind of persecution of NHexit associates is the kind of thing that will actually tend to help push the movement toward success.

Note that Ahmad is arguably not even an NHexit guy since he did not support the most recent secession-referendum legislation and made that clear on the record during the government’s hearing.

Where is the feb 28 hearing?

Yea, to show up in support we will definitely need to know where and at what time the final hearing is. I usually record, but I’m not sure what will happen in this particular case as this is family court.

In theory I should be able to I do believe. Though I’ve seen in Keene that one person half-tried to give us problems and I think another time sort of too. Though neither were an issue in practice and we pushed back as the one wasn’t in family court and the other the person involved a name change where he wanted us to film. If there is an opposing party who objects I’m not entirely sure what will happen.

BTW Ahmad I have called free talk live regarding the D.C. capitol police and their apparent attempt to contact you.