Scramblin - freedom forever

He all - I am on a mission to attend every freedom fest I can find in 2021. The goal is to spread love and coffee while finding my tribe.

I’m a micro batch specialty coffee roaster, Air BnB and HipCamp Host as well as a duck farm owner.

We started SquatchFest in Nov 2020 to help folks in the NW wake up and throw off the chains of oppressive government. Come out for SquatchFest- The Spring Awakening May 13-16.

I’m booked for Porc and ForkFest. Site 59. I’ll keep you caffeinated and fed. We were voted best vendor of FLOTE this March.

Peace - Love - Light - Coffee

Scramblin Bo Jangles

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Welcome! Can’t wait to meet you at Forkfest 2021!

Welcome and good luck. Not sure if I missed, but do you have a link to your coffee online? I’m a bit of a caffeine junkie.

Oh yea. Here’s the main web page.

Or the direct link to the 500 Project

We were voted best vendor of Flotefest a few weeks ago. Can’t wait to get to NH and serve you all some Air Roasted sweetness.

In the comments just tell me what your fav styles are. Or go along for the ride and drink what I’m drinking each month. My 500 are my only mission. Serve my patrons.

I take crypto as well. Just enter crypto at checkout to zero out and place the order. I’ll contact you to send the correct address. I accept most legit coins.

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