Rochelle Kelly, Concord "right-to-use-playground" arrest trial Aug. 11

She posted this to Telegram “My trial for the playground is aug 11 @ 9am, concord district court.”
She was arrested months later for confronting the police when they tried to stop her kids from playing on a playground because there is a covid thingie going on.

Also she has been arrested recently for some kind of traffic stop incident where she was trying to refuse search. I think that was in weare. She is an NH liberty activist who serves on some sort of government board. She should come here and post the video !

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Thanks for posting!

Welcomz bakz Rochelle.

Concord playground lockdown arrestee…arrested again for another apparent victimless. Here is the vid of New Hampshire liberty activist Rochelle Kelly getting arrested in-state after a pullover for alleged registration issues… where is this? Main takeaways here are that the cops appear to open her car door while she’s not in the car…even though she is refusing a search. they do give her about 15 seconds warning she’s about to be arrested, when she approaches the car and the cop to object. after arresting her a cop puts the front his hand on her upper thigh in an apparent search. She screams at various points.

Is your video of the recent arrest available online yet? If not, can you send it to me?