Road block activism

The feds had a road block this weekend; not sure if any of you were caught up in it. I think it best to nip this in the bud. Anyone know if this was announced and if so, how long before? What is an effective way to send a message that these aren’t okay? One idea is if enough people go through and opt out it might shut them down and get some press. We’ve all seen the videos of this happening in the southwest where these aren’t just once in a while but permanent installations.

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this happened just a few miles south of Roger’s Campground during the NH Cannabis Freedom Festival - Ian & I found out about it Sunday despite it apparently having been set-up most of the weekend.

Looks like the feds straining the limits of their mission to stop cannabis festivals.

Looks like local cops handle the drug charges.

Oleson said Woodstock police handled arrests for state law violations, nearly all of which involved drug possession or drug transportation.

46 people with 2 pounds is less than 1 oz each on average. Personal use amounts.

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