Request: Call Free Talk Live!

Apparently Free Talk Live has resorted to restructuring in part because the quality and number of their callers has declined, same old people calling. You can help fix this by calling into the show, details at

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I know he said that but…

I figured that real reason that they did that was because Ian is going to be gone

I see no information at the web site about how to call in, what the call-in number is, or what the show times are. It wasn’t hard at all with Rush, he was always (always) and everywhere repeating his number, slowly and clearly. What’s the number please, Ian? And what times are your shows on? And how does one tune in, both online and on broadcast outlets? (Could it be that FTL has become an “insiders” show, thus causing only “insiders” to occasionally call in?)

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call in number is 603 283 6160
they are on fridays and saturdays 7p to 10p eastern… plus other unscheduled days.

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“Unscheduled days…” That’s IT? Friday and Saturday nights?

Your question is timely. For many years FTL has been on every night from 7-10p Eastern. But I just checked their website and saw a recent post that announced that the show is scaling back its presence. Thus far, they’re no longer doing Mon. night (giving that slot to Ernie Hancock) and it looks as they may whittle-down further, as Ridley’s response above seems to indicate.

Re: your earlier question of how to tune in – this post gives links to listen or watch the live or archived shows.

In peace and liberty.

Ian says its wed, thu, sat sun for now. Not sure how one would learn of a spontaneous broadcast in advance.