I’m fat old white guy retired injineer. I moved from Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerzee to NH as part of the FSP. After two years, I had to move back for health reasons. But I’m still there in my heart.

I have had some verbal sparing with Ian about the need for NH to establish a State Bank line the Bank of North Dakota (BND). It’s needed in prep for any “independence” of the FED. And, if like the BND, it is required that all state, county, and municipal entities to bank with them. (That prevents the financial sharks like BoA and Chase to do mischief.). And BND permits residents to open accounts but doesn’t require it. BND then negotiates rates for all political entities (i.e., bonds for capital projects and interest on workign capital). It also makes loans to in-state farmers and businesses at suitable rates. In short, it allows the State to be financial prepared to do “financial tasks” like clearing WITHOUT the FED.

Anyway that s my hot button. Can’t kill the FED without suitable preparation. And that prevents financial weaponization like debanking that we see Chase doing.

Hope this helps id me and I do hope Ian “escapes” so we can further debate the topic. (In his defense, he was against and concerned about creating ANY more Gooferment. But I think he was overreacting.)

Dona Nobis Pacem

Thanks for weighing-in, reinkefj. I hope your health is turning a corner for the better! I know you didn’t solicit any suggestions but if you’re so-inclined I encourage you to check out the Weston A Price Foundation.

I admittedly am not versed in what you advocate (whether in detail or in broad brush strokes) but on its face, it sounds like a step in the right direction, in that it would be a smaller political jurisdiction than the Fed (nation-state level) or the BIS (global level) operate. Of course, one question is opportunity costs – whether it’s worth the allocation of time and resources, as compared to other options (i.e. agorism). But, as most folks are still involved with the legacy financial system your suggestion may be more palatable.

If you have any specific recommendations for content to get up-to-speed on the topic I’d be curious to hear.

In peace and liberty to you and yours.