Refugee from The corporate entity know as The United States

I go by the name Michael Liberty and I have been consistently victimized and enslaved by The corporate Entity Known as The United States since my birth. I have been abused for over 12 years in the prison system known as " Public school Education". Upon “GRADUATING” from this prison and receiving no skills to earn a living, I spent many years learning skills that will allow me to earn a living on my own. As I earn an income, these black handed entities they claim ownership over me and my labor have consistently robed me under the threat of death and or imprisonment. I have never given permission for anybody to take my income, which is the fruit of MY Labor!!! And yet this thievery continuously takes place. I am hear because I am seeking to escape with what little possessions I have and come to the shores of The Shire. I WANT TO LIVE FREE!!!

I found this forum when a video of a typical acting Karen mentioned this Forums name.

I am going through the slow process of moving to The Shire and I need help establishing a Residency that will satisfy the NH DMV.

  1. Tell us about yourself.
  2. Why are you here?
  3. How did you find these forums?
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Welcome, thanks be to the Karen for promoting us.

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Welcome Mr. Down sir ! And look , one of us has already written a song for you!


I’d recommend taking control and getting ahead of the victimization by exiting from those relationships as you seem to be doing.
As you have income, maybe find a church to donate some of your first fruits to and support you in your journey?

Where did you land?
Do you have income or efforts to earn such?
How much are you planning to spend on the vehicle?
Have you considered sharing a vehicle instead of being solely responsible for such?
While NH doesn’t require vehicle insurance you would need such to take it in other states.
Good luck with your career!