Refugee from The corporate entity know as The United States

I go by the name Michael Liberty and I have been consistently victimized and enslaved by The corporate Entity Known as The United States since my birth. I have been abused for over 12 years in the prison system known as " Public school Education". Upon “GRADUATING” from this prison and receiving no skills to earn a living, I spent many years learning skills that will allow me to earn a living on my own. As I earn an income, these black handed entities they claim ownership over me and my labor have consistently robed me under the threat of death and or imprisonment. I have never given permission for anybody to take my income, which is the fruit of MY Labor!!! And yet this thievery continuously takes place. I am hear because I am seeking to escape with what little possessions I have and come to the shores of The Shire. I WANT TO LIVE FREE!!!

I found this forum when a video of a typical acting Karen mentioned this Forums name.

I am going through the slow process of moving to The Shire and I need help establishing a Residency that will satisfy the NH DMV.

  1. Tell us about yourself.
  2. Why are you here?
  3. How did you find these forums?
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Welcome, thanks be to the Karen for promoting us.

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Welcome Mr. Down sir ! And look , one of us has already written a song for you!

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I’d recommend taking control and getting ahead of the victimization by exiting from those relationships as you seem to be doing.
As you have income, maybe find a church to donate some of your first fruits to and support you in your journey?