Really need a change

Went to last year’s Porcfest felt like I had found my tribe. I really need to find a business opportunity to jump into to justify a move. Are there any Texans?


People are here from all over. Welcome!

Definitely Texans here. I think someone here has a g/f from Texes in fact. Have you visited New Hampshire recently? It’s probably not a bad idea to come check it out and see what opportunities / housing / etc might be best suited for you. There are different areas of New Hampshire worth checking out, all, of course with a different vibe. There are probably three main areas, the Seacoast / Portsmouth area, Manchester, and Keene. There are then lots of little towns and villages surrounding these areas so it’s not like you actually got to pick one. There are also people up in the north country- but not quite as many of us. More than in the past though.

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Is there a Liberty themed Tavern? I would like to start something up like this.

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Yes, at least if by tavern you mean some kind of bar. There are a few free stater bars in New Hampshire:

Area 23 in Concord:
Address: 254 N State St, Concord, NH 03301

Murphy’s Taproom in Manchester:

Address: 494 Elm St, Manchester, NH 03101

There are lots of other businesses owned by people who have moved to New Hampshire as part of the larger freedom migration movement.

hmm, I’m not sure what counts as ‘liberty themed’, but chances are you’ll find a lot of businesses owned by our kind have liberty messages inside. Sometimes more blatant and sometimes lesser so. Some obscure quote or a in your face “Only crypto accepted here!” lol

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Sort of a few of them, but what really need is a black market restaurant or tavern, no government permission slips.


We kinda have that to some degree. So there are these market day events with people selling food, drink, and so on. We also got Forkfest during the summer which is a 1-2 week long event with people selling food, drink, etc without begging the state for a license. Unlicensed bars and the like included. Forkfest isn’t about “forks”, but forking. No not fucking. Forking, like in free or open source software. That is to copy something and adapt it. Forkfest is basically a forking of another centrally planned event called Porkfest that is held back to back with or as part of Forkfest (this past year Forkfest went on two weeks and encompassed Porcfest as the event shrunk and the organizers didn’t reserve the whole campground). Forkfest is not centrally planned. Nobody is in control. Everything from the dates to the web site to the mailing list and calendars are all unofficial. It essentially is what people make of it and comes to be by informal consensus and non-consensus for that matter. This is why I can’t really say for sure what the exact dates were for the last Forkfest. It was suppose to be the week before or after Porcfest and then got extended to include both weeks as it ended up being that Porcfest organizers didn’t reserve the entire campground. Some then decided that it would encompass a two week period instead of the traditional one week period. All the while there were a few people who came before and a few who left after the two weeks that the majority of people decided were the dates mostly just cause they could.

This unofficial site for Forkfest links to various unofficial outlets (forums, chat rooms, email lists, calendars) of which different people “control” different aspects:

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BTW I did this year’s Porcfest. Just trying to land.

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Looking to visit/extended stay mid Jan through mid Feb. I am solo and have 2 great dogs. I will pay crypto for dog sitting. Looking for pet friendly lodging.

i moved to nh from texas in 2004 and it was the best decision i ever made

Other than NH. I considered the 14th District of TX. Those people know(knew?) liberty. :wink:
NH was closer, so it won.

Yea, same here. Moved in 2016. Best decision of my life. I’m not sure about the pet friendly accommodation thing although you might try talking to Angie. She regularly rents out an RV near Keene to people coming through for a visit. Prices don’t seem bad to me at all either. I suspect you might ask her about dog sitting too. She’s got a kid or two that might be good for that. I can put you in touch if you email me: chris at thinkpenguin com

I am typing this from Ron’s original district. These folks from California are better FSP salesmen than the posters on this forum.

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