Re-Introduction of Jordan as Ahmad

Born William Jordan Cannon, now Ahmad Hatef Esfahani after becoming Muslim. I’m here to see if I can write articles for Free Keene on the topic of having to go through the state system of trying to regain custody of my children, while also attempting to cultivate a grassroots revolution. I’ve heard of this forum for some time, but I don’t spend too much time on chatrooms or forums because of my fear of monocultures.

Welcome Ahmad… are you hooked up with with our sometime participants will coley or davi barker?
Oh and what do you mean by monoculture… how do we avoid being a monoculture?

No, I don’t believe I’ve met them. By monoculture I mean the general nature of chat rooms/forums being composed of like-minded individuals.

those guys are both free staters who I think are converts to Islam… not sure if they both live here but at least one of them moved here at some point.

Cool. I’m on the fall mountain regional school district budget committee for Alstead so they can holla at me there

Hi Ahmad!

Sorry for the long delay in approving you as a new user. Our moderators have been asleep at the wheel. Recent events have created some amount of chaos that we’re still working on fixing. You should be able to post to other sections of the forum now.

Regarding a post on … that might be possible. If it’s NH related and freedom related and free stater related that it would be an appropriate venue. We’ve got other people who’ve been persecuted by the state where their kids were involved Despite NH having no law regarding leaving your child in the car for a few minutes the state has attempted to utilize that as justification for punishing a mother who is a fellow free stater. The child was never in any danger and the complaint was politically motivated. The complainer worked for I believe the prosecutors office and didn’t like the politics of the family involved.

I’d suggest writing something up and pinging me about it or reaching out to Bonnie. If you aren’t on Matrix yet there are directions at and if you message or we should be able to post your story. You can also email chris at think penguin dot com and I can post it.