Random NH independence and liberty candidate results Sept 13 primary

"The Free State :hedgehog:

It鈥檚 looking like many, many Free Staters and allies won their primaries tonight :partying_face::beers::chart_with_upwards_trend::hedgehog:

(we don鈥檛 endorse candidates and won鈥檛 discuss specific races) #NHPolitics "


Brodie Deshaies lost his primary. :raised_hands:

Huge victory for #NHExit "

Paul Terry, who supported the people鈥檚 right to an independence referendum鈥ppears to have won his contested primary but the data I saw is kind of convoluted.

Both of the free stater candidates running for imperial races lost their primaries, Lily Tang Williams and Bruce Fenton鈥 not sure how badly. Having trouble finding info about state house races. I鈥檒l try to report all the bad news I get but I haven鈥檛 gotten much鈥ostly good news is what I鈥檝e seen so far, though I did hear that some authoritarians are crowing about some wins over our people.

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Manchester Democratic voters rejected all the free staters running in the Democratic primary. #nhpolitics "
-Kathy Sullivan

" 17h
Unofficial results from Belmont show pro-seccession Rep. Mike Sylvia losing by a significant margin.
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Macro view of GOP primary: MAGA wing beats Free State/Libertarian wing, as Fenton. Tang and Baxter lose
Free Staters also take it on chin in Belknap, although that was more about Gunstock. #nhpolitics "

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Yesterday was a historic day for liberty in the @FreeStateNH
primary! Here鈥檚 a list of some of the electoral wins we secured鈥:point_down:t2: :thread:
8:28 AM 路 Sep 14, 2022
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Dave Ridley

Move to NH :hedgehog:

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Our biggest win, @michael4nh
, 2021 NHLA legislator of the year and one of the strongest reps in the house, won his primary, and will likely be the first Liberty Republican elected to the state senate! This will mean a lot more pro-liberty bills will survive the Senate!
Move to NH :hedgehog:

, Co-Founder of @RebuildNH
and critic of Sununu鈥檚 abuse of emergency powers during the COVID-19 restrictions, made it through her primary despite Sununu spending significant money to support her primary opponent!
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Brody Deshaies, one of the most anti-liberty Republican state reps for his allegations of treason towards reps that supported allowing citizens of NH to choose peaceful independence and for being a RINO generally, lost his primary and will not return to the state house.
Move to NH :hedgehog:

, one of the best state reps in the House, revolutionizing NH with fantastic nuclear and crypto legislation, won his primary and will move forward to the general!
Move to NH :hedgehog:

Yury Polozov, the rep running to fill Michael Yakubovich鈥檚 seat in the house as the solidly pro-liberty candidate, won his primary!
Move to NH :hedgehog:

, one of the most pro-liberty legislators that served in the House from 2010-2018, creator of the Freedom Caucus and instrumental in passing Constitutional Carry, has returned and won his primary!
Move to NH :hedgehog:

Howard Pearl, a fantastic state rep who champions medical freedom and allowing hobby distillation of liquors as well as the legalization of cannabis, has won his state senate race and will move on to the general!
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John Schmitt, NHLA endorsed candidate for Cheshire Dist. 15 won first place in his primary.
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, a cryptocurrency enthusiast and a strong defender of the Second Amendment won his primary in Hillsborough Dist. 1!
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Laurie Sanborn, NHLA endorsed candidate who supports parental rights, gun rights, and many other liberty issues handily won her primary and will move forward to the general!
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Linda Gould, strong supporter of religious liberty, gun rights, and medical freedom also won her primary and will move forward to the general!
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Free stater jay noone in weare reportedly loses his primary GOP i think. running for state rep

" OG New Hampshire Libertarians

Many reasonable libertarians and Free Staters won their primaries last night. The ones who joined in the Gunstock brouhaha got crushed. #NHPolitics "

" Matt Wilhelm

Sep 13
Mark, Trini, Damond + I won our primary today against a known member of the Free State Project. Thanks to all who showed up to stand up for our values as Democrats and send a message that鈥檚 loud and clear: that Free State extremism is WRONG for NH. Onward to Victory!! #NHPolitics "

" Justin O鈥橠onnell, Subversive
At least one libertarian free stater won a democratic primary by write in. "

Free stater Dan McGuire wins 鈥 I assume this was a race for state rep and that he was the incumbent.
鈥淣H Journal
A good night for 鈥淩ight to Work鈥 Republicans continues. Dan McGuire beat John Klose in Epsom 480-181. Another anti-RTW rep down.

Ian Freeman, pro-independence state Senate candidate in Cheshire county and owner of this forum鈥oses鈥ets 36 percent of the vote if I heard correctly. I think he was running on GOP ticket but not sure.

Carla Gericke is pro-exit, but I鈥檝e heard nothing did she have a primary or run unopposed? Running for state rep in manch i think, probably GOP.

Silber and Aldrich got voted out I think鈥 or at least an NHexit telegram post indicates they were. These were both folks who supported the people鈥檚 right to vote on independence. They are state reps. Someone reports Max Abramson lost, he was another similar.

Also according to NHexit Telegram:
Free stater Jason Gerhard wins his election not sure what he was running for or his independence stance. Wait no it says he was endorsed by NHIPAC.

Diane Kelly who supported right to vote on independence鈥 wins

NH Independence PAC endorsed 9 candidates, 5 won their primaries or had no primary opponent.

Max Santonastaso, pro-right-to-vote-on-independence, loses state rep bid鈥

Terese grinnell pro-right-to-vote-on-independence loses, i think she was running for state rep]

again all this is according to posts on NHexit Telegram group

Thanks for the summary.
Didn鈥檛 follow the politics, hope you guys keep up the pressure.

Oh and I heard yesterday liberty migrant and activist Jay Noone lost his primary

I read that the first time, condolences for that college town.