Radio station start up

Hi I am Gary, registered libertarian party member in SD. I have lots of information to put out and have been checking lrn broadcast page. There is so much there and I am on a micro budget, but some products that were available are no longer available.
I am a disabled vet, have lots of free time, currently supporting #texit, HB 1359 in Austin Texas.
I am an astrologer and told the movement that started this in 2006 that “when a woman becomes President, Texas will vote to leave and likely become free” well, after it wasn’t Clinton, and we know Biden will be “thrown under the bus by Democrats” figuratively speaking, it seems we’ve arrived at a 3-4 year mark when this can take place.
I have an MBA, a BA in Social Science, worked in naturopathy, and Bach Flower essences, homeopathy, herbs etc. while living in the UK.
I teach at a local college from time to time as an adjunct and a leading University in Mexico.
If anyone has radio info tech support to share, please do.


Welcome Gary!


What is with the ☭ type shirt?

“t15b transmitter”
Use a high gain antenna up HIGH.
Us an amp for more power do not interfere.
Good Luck.