Radio hosts re-imburse taxpayers for the estimated $2,000 expense of bringing Independence legislation to state house

NHexiters have made another piece of history (as if the independence legislation were not enough). Radio hosts Ian Freeman and Aria DiMezzo have now completed their promise to re-imburse NH taxpayers for the estimated $2,0000 cost of hearing and voting on CACR 32. To my knowledge this is the first time in NH history that political activists have done this for a piece of legislation.

They did this by distributing GoldBacks directly to NH residents out in public. GoldBacks are kind of like dollar bills; they fit in your wallet but contain a small amount of gold in them worth about 20 bucks per bill.


The GOLDBUCKs come in denominations. I believe the smallest one is valued at a little more than 3 dollars. (They’re better than “dollar” bills in that they contain an appropriate amount of gold.)

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