PUBLIC HEARING for CACR32: Jan 20th, 3:30pm!

Tell your friends who support independence about the public hearing for CACR 32!

When: Thursday, January 20th, 3:30pm
Where: Legislative Office Building, room 206, 33 N State St., Concord, NH
What: Testify in favor of letting the people vote on NH independence!

Full details and how to help spread the word are here:


I’d been waiting for this news before I reached out to the petition signers. I’ve now created an email list and sent out a heads-up to the 92 people who have signed the NHexit petition at Sign the Petition | NH Exit

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yea they won’t be taking us seriously if they don’t change dates, places, times, etc

I had to move a post from a person I am not legally allowed to talk to under the insane bail conditions from the fed gang per the Crypto Six case. It is now in its own thread for those who wish to converse with him. Unfortunately I will go to jail if I do.

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  • stay off of Ian’s “do not contact” Fed list

See you there!

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