Protesting Sununu and others on 1-20

I would suggest anyone planning to protest on the 20th exercise extreme caution. Rather than arming your self with a weapon, perhaps a camera would be a better choice. Expecting provocateurs at all state capitols.

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Unfortunately, THEY will get what THEY want. THEY expect a protest, THEY want a protest. THEY will make a protest happen.

WE will suffer the consequences.

Better than protesting, is EVERYONE staying home and just ignoring them altogether for the rest of our lives.

But the brainwashing is just way too effective.

The best protest would be everyone to stop paying taxes (property/income).


Well, whether you have guns or not won’t stop them from claiming you had them. I’m not sure I’m convinced leaving your gun behind is somehow going to change the outcome. I’m not encouraging people to arm themselves or utilize violence, but the idea that leaving your gun behind will magically make you safe is probably delusional. Maybe you will be at slightly reduced risk, but it’s more likely the brandishing of a firearm that is going to create a safety hazard. Not simply having one.

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