Protesters are doing the system a FAVOR: "The System's Neatest Trick"

      To all the Freedom "activists" out there that are protesting for reopening: 

 This is a good example of how the system gets you to work FOR it.  The begging for reopening will, by design, cause reopening, and along with it, a fabricated increase in Covid-Positives, that will be the excuse for bigger lock down measures
    My only question is this; Are the protesters knowingly working for the state (provocateurs) ? Or are you just fucking stupid ?
     Here's food for thought for any real Liberty lovers out there:
                                              3. The System's Neatest Trick

So, in a nutshell, the System’s neatest trick is this:

"For the sake of its own efficiency and security, the System needs to bring about deep and radical social changes to match the changed conditions resulting from technological progress.

The frustration of life under the circumstances imposed by the System leads to rebellious impulses.

Rebellious impulses are co-opted by the System in the service of the social changes it requires; activists “rebel” against the old and outmoded values that are no longer of use to the System and in favor of the new values that the System needs us to accept.

In this way rebellious impulses, which otherwise might have been dangerous to the System, are given an outlet that is not only harmless to the System, but useful to it."