Problems of legal marijuana producers

The following movie on Tubi (from 2020) covers Humboldt County
small cannabis producers. It’s quite good. One thread ends up
talking about the snowball effect the state legalization without
federal legalization can cause.

  1. The growers can’t get bank funding because the banks are
    federally controlled. Even having a business account is subject
    to federal confiscation because monies are considered obtained
    through illegal means.
  2. Without the banks, growers are forced to hire couriers to transfer
  3. In one case, a courier was stopped for some vehicle violation.
    When the federal officers found the money they used asset
    forfeiture, again because federally it was obtained through illegal
  4. The small business is thus out of substantial monies, unable
    to pay their employees, and are threatened with going out of
    business, just because of the clash between state and federal