Pressuring NH authoritarians to move is generally inappropriate

It’s probably good to raise, yet again, objections to some of the language that certain NH liberty folks are using. Some brag about the idea of pressuring authoritarians to leave New Hampshire. That is not an act of aggression, but it is questionable and hints at the kind of thing that was done to monarchists when the Colonies won independence; many had to flee to Canada. We don’t want to act like the early Feds did when they mistreated former Tories.

We can probably agree that civil rights workers who came to Alabama from the north around 1960 would have been out of line to start telling racists that they should leave Alabama. It would have detracted from justness of their cause. I don’t remember Dr. King or even Malcom X ever saying anything like that…and if they had, it would have been inappropriate. Yes it’s just speech, yes our enemies actually commit acts of aggression through government on a broad scale, no there’s no serious comparison between us and them; no we don’t have anywhere else we can go. Meanwhile the world is their oyster if they want to have a Master.

But where they live is something each authoritarian needs to decide for themselves. They won’t do it faster if you, perceived as their enemy, urge them to. If anything they’ll treat it as a grievance, and it is arguably the closest thing they have to a legit grievance against our people. Take it away from them by ending this line of argument. Better to focus instead on opposing authoritarian actions, moving friendlies here and protecting all the rights of all New Hampshirites…regardless of their political views.

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