PressNHNow to violate Hillsborough court filming ban? Thu 8/31/2023?

I understand Marcfrom PressNHNow (a first amendment auditor) will be committing an act of civil disobedience at… a court in hillsborough? Not sure which one.

Thu August 31 around 3pm? As I understand it they’ve ordered him not to film in there, told him he’ll be arrested if he does, and he’s going to do it anyway. Activists are invited to show support of the right to record.

So high probability of his arrest but I’m vague on the location and time. I’m expecting to be there but someone is driving me there and I’m not sure exactly where “there” is. I think there are multiple courthouses in the town of Hillsborough and of course one in Manchester that has the name Hillsborough in it. So I’m confused at this early stage, just heard about it…

Anyone know more or have corrections?

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Civil disobedience roles

These is a division of labor we sometimes use when carrying out a camera chain or civil disobedience event. Usually these occur inside + outside a courthouse where filming is restricted; the goal of the “roles” list is to make sure some video survives, that effort is not duplicated and any arrestees get efficient assistance. Would you like to speak for one of these roles today…or suggest improvements to the list?

  1. Close videographer - films the main action

  2. Semi-close videographer - able to see the close videographer and film his arrest if necessary

  3. Mid range videographer - able to see the semi-close videographer and film her arrest if necessary

  4. Distance videographer - Never even enters the property where the event will occur. Able to film arrest of of the mid range videographer if necessary and legally almost impossible to arrest…his video has highest probability of surviving a mass arrest.

  5. Alternate entrance videographer - May be needed in back of court building?

  6. Still photographer

  7. Repository: Can hold on to items that people don’t want to bring into court or leave in their cars.

  8. Public informer - Someone to post and spread updates to the public (or arrestee relatives) about what’s happening at the event

  9. Sign wavers (s)

  10. Chalker

  11. Next stepper - Focuses on figuring out where arrestees are headed, how to support them, what type of political escalation might be appropriate.

No one was arrested at the courthouse despite the filming there. But I have a report now that Mark / PressNHNow was arrested later in the day.


Here’s some video from PressNHNow’s civil disobedience event

Activists are requesting that people follow Marc’s girlfriend on YouTube; once she has enough followers / subscribers she can start going live herself. Here is an older video on her YouTube channel:

Riley Blake is reporting that PressNHNow was apparently arrested for , allegedly this:

He allegedly told his supporters to call the police station. Supposedly this was a violation of bail conditions from a previous arrest.

Wow, contracts can be powerful.
Drivers licensing and IDs comes to mind also, you get this piece of plastic and then are capable of credit by handing that over.

Unfortunately, outside of contracts with governmental agents and such regimes, good faith is sometimes exploited and contracts broken with relative impunity.
I’m sure we’ve all been defrauded of substantial value by someone who seemed trustworthy and identifiable.
Perhaps, by only entering into high value contracts with people who have a demonstrated history of good faith towards contracting would help prevent future disputes such as so many around here had for big values.

I’m getting work done at my resort and want to employ voluntaryists but the licensing regimes and benefits of using corporate contractors seems more reliable than hiring random people based on their words but demonstrate no good faith after taking money.
Having people work first and pay them after is one solution as well.

In regards to the alleged promises PressNHNow made to the Hillsborough agents, hopefully he gets a fair and speedy trial to resolve that towards the interest of justice, specifically appropriate relief towards any harmed parties.