Preconditions for Revolution Alive & Growing. Literally

To explain best how HOMESTEADING and SELF SUFFICIENCY will set the stage for bringing down the system I’ll quote Ted Kaczynski pg.225 Technological Slavery:

" A great revolution IS brewing. What this
means is that the necessary preconditions for revolution are being created.
Whether the revolution will become a reality will depend on the courage,
determination, persistence, and effectiveness of revolutionaries.
The necessary preconditions for revolution(2] are these: There must be
a strong development of values that are inconsistent with the values of the
dominant classes in society, and the realization of the new values must be
impossible without a collapse
of the existing structure of society.
When these conditions are present, there arises an irreconcilable
conflict between the new values and the values that are necessary for the
maintenance of the existing structure. The tension between the two systems
of values grows and can be resolved only through the eventual defeat of
one of the two. If the new system of values is vigorous enough, it will prove
victorious and the existing structure of society will be destroyed. "
AND: " Because technology is the central structure of modern society-the
structure on which everything else depends-the strong development of
values totally inconsistent with the needs of the technological system would
fulfill the preconditions for revolution. This kind of development is taking
place right now."
Ted’s right again. And optimistic too. You can see leaps of INDEPENDENCE to the system being made more clearly now. Folks are getting back to taking pride in providing for themselves. Homesteading is becoming a breath of fresh air on a mass scale now. Although mostly visible in rural areas, there’s a desire to go this route & small steps being made in suburbia. It gives me hope to see many more folks in the countryside taking steps (some taking BIG steps) towards self sufficiency. This,my friends is going against the grain and beautiful to see and be a part of. Nature & Independence is the OPPOSITE of Technological Slavery. Taking extra steps to bring the system down is also greatly satisfying. Good Luck to you all !
Sincerely, Samm

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I like when people become technological masters.

Even if people get into this alternative power stuff as a hobby it inadvertently begins to teach them they don’t need the shitty system of things.

We don’t need the shitty system.
It is amazing to read, look, experience at how people lived 200 years ago. Electronics were absent. Hard work was necessary. Independence thrived. People had skills to provide for themselves. Families were tight. Their bodies and minds were nothing like that of modern man. Nowadays we have 98% of the population consuming what the remaining 2% produces (as far as food goes). Most of those 2% “producers” are providing commercial raised and grown food utilizing creepy genetic engineering techniques. 35% of Americans are obese. Pharmacies are everywhere.
Took a nice drive through some different countryside and again noticed many old barns just falling apart in neighborhoods with corporate america taking over. Too bad.
There are some people in rural and wilderness areas that are refusing the system,and it’s much more than just a solar array. This kind of Independence makes you feel genuinely good. It’s fulfilling to the “power process”. And it’s a kind of activism that really does pose a threat to the system in the form of revolutionary preparedness. When the system dies we should be happy, and ready.

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Given that life expectancy in 1818 was mid-30s, the majority of posters here would have been dead of old-age.

And if technology/biotech continues, by the year 2040 the majority of 57 year old genetically modified,100% system-dependent posters here will be quite happy with their total enslavement and the warm fuzzy feeling they’ll get from knowing that this life of being controlled may last indefinitely.

(Cyborg Society)

The Revolution against the system has started and is picking up pace.
Anyone who has ever desired real freedom will get their chance. The only chance.
The best thing to do is to participate.
It’ll soon be obvious what to do.