Porcupine Day 2022 Speeches: Carla Gericke & Jeremy Kauffman

Originally published at: https://freekeene.com/2022/02/06/porcupine-day-2022-speeches-carla-gericke-jeremy-kauffman/

This weekend, the Free State Project celebrated “Porcupine Day”, the annual commemoration of the FSP reaching its goal of 20,000 liberty activists pledged to move to New Hampshire. That goal was reached on February 5th, 2016, making this the sixth annual Porcupine Day. Approximately 140 people packed Murphy’s Taproom in Bedford last night to celebrate and “Queen Quill” Carla Gericke and Odysee co-founder Jeremy Kauffman spoke. Here are both of their speeches:

that’s great but what’s the point of filming these speeches when the audio is so hollow that it’s not really listenable? The solution is to have a microphone within 2 feet of the person speaking. The poor man’s way to do that is just borrow or use a digital audio recorder. Even if you can’t synch it up with video at least you get a copy of the sound…which is the most important part.