Political Migrant from Northern California


My name is Brandon and I currently live in beautiful gold country in Northern California (the part that is always on fire). My family and I are starting the process of leaving the state and NH is atb the top of the list. I have been an AnCap since 2014 thanks to Mr. Jeff Berwick and have been a huge fan of the Free Keene project.

This move has been a long time coming but the final straw is this new push in California to mandate children to get the Covid Vaxx. The wildfires, taxes, politics, gun laws, earthquakes, and general lack of respect for personal property rights are also factors.

We are drawn to this area for all the reasons stated and also the large Waldorf community. My kids education is very important and they need to be able to continue at a Waldorf school.

As a profession, I work from home for a small software company as a Business Manager handling AR/AP/HR and general accounting. My wife currently works in management as my kids current school, so her finding a job in NH will be very important.

I am both excited and scared for all the right reasons and I look forward to not just being an enthusiastic observer but becoming an active member in the community.

Thank you for paving the way,



Good plan - hope you can escape before they lock you in!