Plan to move to NH this year

Hi, I’m Dan. I’m 26 and currently live in Connecticut, where I’ve lived my whole life. I’ve been working from home (but near my work office) for almost two years now, but my company has recently become remote-first long-term, so I plan to move to New Hampshire sometime this year (probably around June, due to family events here in CT between now and the end of May).

I want to move to NH not just because I’m a libertarian (listening to Free Talk Live back in 2015 made me want to move there), but also because I love skiing and hiking (being a libertarian is why I’m choosing New Hampshire over Vermont). Because of that I’ll probably move to somewhere near the mountains in northern NH.

I found the Shire Society website (and these forums through that) about a year ago through a google search (I forget exactly what I was searching for), and decided then that I would join the forums once I have the ability to move to NH (and now I do).

I’m here on these forums for a few reasons. By publicly stating my intention to move, I feel that that will make me more likely to actually commit to moving. Also, I might first move to an apartment in southern NH (probably Manchester) and live there for a year or so while looking for a house to buy further north - since I know that more people on this forum live in southern NH, it might be nice to connect with some of them here in case I do move there. And I’m joining so I can participate in other topics on this forum.


Welcome, thanks for joining us and congrats on the move in advance!

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hope we can welcome you in person soon Dan!

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have you spent much time in NH?
I would think it is better than CT is every way except your family.
Just move to a place with easy access to visit them. :slight_smile:

Dope choice. I also love skiing and it’s been great to get out there more than ever.

Hello DanM, just catching up on back traffic here.

I currently live in Manchester, but am heading for Coos County myself as soon as I can pay for a home/property cash down. I’m currently retired, but also working full time (yeah, MUCH older than 26!)

I’ve learned to love the North Country (north of the notch, as they say) for the beauty, the people, the low cost of living, and the fact that it has the lowest population density of all the counties.

See you there/here.


Great news!
I minister lands near Canaan NH.
Generally its easier and faster to go through VT on the interstate N/S along western NH all the way down through to CT and up to the roads to Lancaster (Rogers).
My place is in the woods and if you like XCountry skiing there’s the northern rail trail not too far to hook into.
I have parking, camping and hostel rooms available here.
The Free Grafton potluck would be a great time to visit this area.
Hope you’re settled in well!

So, an update: I didn’t move as I planned to, since I found out that I’d have to pay for two months of rent to my current apartment after moving out, which I couldn’t afford (I mean, I could, but it wasn’t worth it). However, my lease expires at the end of February, so I plan on moving then.

I’m wondering if anyone knows of any high quality apartments, anywhere in New Hampshire. One of the most important thing I care about is noise insulation. Since I work from home, I’d like to live somewhere that is quiet and where I can’t (or can barely) hear my neighbors. It’s hard to judge apartments from online reviews, since some reviews contradict others, and there’s no way to tell which reviews are trustworthy (I usually assume the negative reviews are more accurate).

If you want to not hear neighbors, you should look at houses. If you want them cheaper, get one outside a city and the rent goes down. Plus neighbors are further away. Congrats in advance on your coming move!