Place Near Keene to Stop

Hi, I’m heading south for the winter and would like to spend a week or so near Keene checking the area out. Is there a place I could legally park my tiny house for a week? This will probably be in November or the first week of December. I have an 8’ x 16’ tiny house. You can PM me if you like.

Here is some information about some of the work I have been doing.

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You mentioned parking, is there underlying services requested as well?

I can be self sufficient. Access to a hose or a near by stream would be nice.

if you can’t find something better …
I know random trucks park at the Gamarlos lot in Swanzee.
You might even have access to water.
I don’t know how often you have to fill up with water or get rid of garbage.
During that time of year it gets much more quiet everywhere, so more options.

Garmellos is an excellent location, definitely the best I could think of, gas station and supermarket there although they may ask you to leave if you drop the trailer there for too long, maybe keep it hooked up and rotate to/from on street parking in Keene or elsewhere as parking ban is only after around midnight I think.
Even had a pig leave me alone after they feigned helpfulness and I refused their help there one time.