Place Near Keene to Stop

Hi, I’m heading south for the winter and would like to spend a week or so near Keene checking the area out. Is there a place I could legally park my tiny house for a week? This will probably be in November or the first week of December. I have an 8’ x 16’ tiny house. You can PM me if you like.

Here is some information about some of the work I have been doing.

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You mentioned parking, is there underlying services requested as well?

I can be self sufficient. Access to a hose or a near by stream would be nice.

if you can’t find something better …
I know random trucks park at the Gamarlos lot in Swanzee.
You might even have access to water.
I don’t know how often you have to fill up with water or get rid of garbage.
During that time of year it gets much more quiet everywhere, so more options.

Garmellos is an excellent location, definitely the best I could think of, gas station and supermarket there although they may ask you to leave if you drop the trailer there for too long, maybe keep it hooked up and rotate to/from on street parking in Keene or elsewhere as parking ban is only after around midnight I think.
Even had a pig leave me alone after they feigned helpfulness and I refused their help there one time.

This was Sharon’s last call out for help in this forum before she died (allegedly from carbon monoxide poisoning) in her tiny home trailer, never having made it out of Grafton, where liberty lovers come to die apparently.

Unfortunate that voluntaryists largely DGAF about helping voluntaryists live nearby us in cities as well.
Sharon was practically crying out to find a community of people who mutually agree to wear clothes all over their bodies but otherwise share the same Voluntaryist ideals of peace, respect, and liberty.

I previously offered Sharon to park and live on my land 2 hours north of Keene, $50/mo I believe was what I asked, or maybe $100/mo with a $50/mo discount for pledging and following the SSD, don’t remember the exact offer but something to get off the land the local town bullies were persecuting her for living at.

I currently have a room in Winchester available if anybody needs a place to stay, but parking is only for cars currently.
I also have parking and rooms offgrid near Canaan NH available for voluntaryists as well.
PM to discuss, preferably via signal or telegram.

Sharon helped in my garden and lumber harvesting but unfortunately she really needed a woman to step up and accept her into their land.
I have many fond memories of time spent with Sharon, including practice shooting a rifle together in my back yard as she considered getting her own firearm.
Also many brainstorming sessions together trying to reconcile our opposing views on clothing mandates while also collaborating on staying productive to organize social goals.

Sharon believed having a bunch of money would effectively accomplish her goals but if the town bullies attacked her for living in her trailer, surely they’d double down and persecute her harder if she displayed evidence of wealth. Surely that’s how the feds chose the crypto 6 to persecute, they don’t do that shit against other peaceful people…
Yeah, they’ll target mental midgets who seek community and get tricked to agree on stupid plots but that’s more opportunistic than the premeditated persecution I speak to.

Regarding the results of lifelong government persecution, let’s make Sharon the exception, not the rule!
Being locked in club fed is a higher goal for martyrs then quiet assassination and will hopefully have a Mandela curing effect as statists realize they are working and paying for the strategic persecution of their betters.

It is possible Sharon had such heavy and overwhelming internalized dogmatic burdens from an extended perversion of pseudochristian religious influence in her formative years of life resulting in her inability to align into a psychosocially unburdened life, free from the omnipresent psychological burdens that caused her great mental anguish to deal with. Specifically her sexual frustration was both physically and mentally (due to dogma) causing her difficulty to peacefully enter and exit from restful sleep. While she may have had such “perverse” thoughts implanted by a dystopian control grid as she wrote of, the more simple explanation is that her repressed sexuality was being twisted by her subconscious minds into “unchristian” thoughts (as she believed Christian morality imposed, due to aforementioned dogmatic trauma).
Sharon’s memorial being her family’s reiteration of prior dogma from her life (as she had ostracized her family for roughly 5 years due to trust issues iirc) is strong evidence of the dissonance between her birth family and the intentional family she pursued.
I had to leave the memorial early 45 minutes or so into the family’s presentation on prior “Christian” aspects of Sharon’s life. Such christian dogma was largely contrary to how things actually worked out in Sharon’s later life, with virtually everyone in society working and tithing to immoral entities who then use that funding to further persecute those attempting to live a fruitful Christian life as Sharon. Being a Voluntaryist Christian is a most difficult lifestyle to practice.
Sharon’s external struggles, both natural (life in Grafton is tough) and manmade (the persecution by Thomas McGinty was brutal, may God strike him down for such crimes) most likely influenced Sharon to lose the cognitive ability to prevent CO poisoning while needing to stay warm.

I hope that other peoples testimony are shared and published regarding Sharon’s more recent aspects of life such as the shared projects she participated in.

Sharon’s writings and discussions tend to suggest external institutional actors (similar to McGinty except more covert) directly influencing her lower quality of life and their direct involvement in her demise.
I tend to believe Sharon had a lack of proper nutrition and possible vitamin deficiency. I regularly saw her eating relatively nutrition lacking meals due to her extreme paranoia against supplementing such with other people’s food despite being welcomed to have such at nearly every interaction as she wrote about.

Sharon’s isolation was unfortunately incurable, having been rejected by some for her prolific note taking and published writings from her past interactions albeit with aliases used. Perhaps had a female mentor step up to accept Sharon and allow her to thrive would have been the best possible result but none accepted that task and Sharon’s distrust and dogma against men prevented the numerous friendly men in her life from helping give her the higher quality of life she needed.
Regardless I do believe her untreated psychological trauma was at the very least a secondary cause for her untimely death (if not the primary).

The main takeaway I would offer is to be excellent to each other, even those who may offer a different view of voluntaryism from yourself.
“We’re all in this together!”

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That is depressing.
I agree with much that you have posted here Stone.
I didn’t realize this was her looking for a place to visit down here.
When I talked to her last at Porcfest, I was having trouble figuring out ways to help her.
If THEY were really out to get her (which I can completely believe) living in a tiny house in the woods by yourself is not the best answer. I begged her to find people she could trust who could watch her back.

I am also so frustrated that I had trouble keeping in touch with her … and others I guess also. I wasn’t on the signal or telegram group for Grafton.