Pics from Somaliafest / Shirefest 2017

I have some cool pics from this weekend and I was thinking it would be neat if we had a place that pics could be uploaded from anyone who was here.

Anyone know what the best sites or software is/are that could help create such a photo repository?

UPDATE. Per suggestion, I used Google Photos. This link will allow anyone to upload pics - please make sure they are from Somaliafest or Shirefest 2017.


Imgur lets you create albums. That’s my go to site.

That anyone can upload to with just a link, or do they need authorization?

thanks for the pics

I haven’t uploaded them yet! But, thanks for the advance thanks!

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Meanwhile, I’ll link to some albums I find on social media:

pretty sure you can create an album with Google Photos that anyone can upload to if they have the “edit” link. you just would need to look into what protection there is against somebody deleting things or if only the album owner can delete.

instagram or pintrest?

Shire fest 2017

OK, a google photo gallery is up, and this link should let you upload your pics there too. Remember, don’t include pics from Porcfest - this is Somaliafest and Shirefest only - I want to show off the stuff that happened in the first year. May link to it from a future Shirefest website.

I liked this pic from Will’s party:

Google Photos