People living pay check to pay check

I guess us folks that live pay check to pay check aren’t welcome here …

must be fucking nice to not have that problem

I’m out

thanks for nothing, dicks


As a balls-deep tax resister (since 2004), I earn my daily beans and watts by going out and soliciting Day Labor for cash. I live in the woods (some normies call that “homeless”). That is considered way less prestigious than a regular paycheck.

I’ve had my differences with the Free Staters, but I don’t recall anyone here ever mocking me for my extreme poverty.

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Yep. I get it! I’m working on affordable housing here in Grafton. There is a tiny house bill in the state house that should make it easier. HB 1068.

We have a lot of FSP property owners. I’m encouraging them to help people get in the state, but some have been burned or don’t want to deal with the logistics. I’m wondering if hipcamp is a good solution. It has insurance. It is short term. People can see if they’re a good long term fit.