Peace and blessings, strangers!


Peace and blessings! My name is Sahid. My past isn’t important but right now I’m here because I’d like to make my way to the festival and figured I might as well join the conversation about it. I heard about Somaliafest last year when attending PorkFest and heard about it again on Freedom’s Phoenix recently. I don’t really have much more to say to introduce myself in this context to strangers lol, except maybe asking you, is there anything you need? Answer below or private message me if you do! Besides that, glad to meet you, strangers!



Welcome, Sahid!



Welcome Sahid. ManCamp at Forcfest is going to he really cool, I am offering workshops in metal forging, check out the ManCamp thread on here



Yea- it’ll be awesome! Forkfest is like a mini Porkfest, but more like the good old days. Fewer people and more decentralized. Nobody is in charge! If you want to do something do it! If you don’t don’t. There were multiple calendars even last year. There appears to be a good start to the decentralized event too. Besides Man Camp there are parties scheduled for Forkfest and even talks.

I’ll be giving a talk on decentralized media. Basically it’s going to encompass the alternative decentralized and free software tools that are available for which you can utilize to create and promote your own podcasts, radio shows, and general messaging outlets. I’ll probably include tools like: Open Broadcaster Software (streaming your show), Mailtrain (traditional, but modern marketing/email list server software not dependent on a central entity), Ant Media Server (video relay server software such that you can setup a studio locally and still stream live to hundreds of people without going through a centrally controlled entity like YouTube, Twitch, etc), (decentralized video distribution similar to YouTube), Mastodon (a decentralized Twitter replacement), etc.



That’s great guys, I’m hoping I can put my foot forward and try to do some good work and share some knowledge to compliment what you all are planning. That’s my focus and vision for the most part, charity in the form of knowledge and work, both collaborative and off on my own. I’m glad it sounds like there’s going to be tons to learn! I hope I have time or can figure out how to knock two or three birds with one stone :slight_smile:

When it comes to sharing knowledge, I’d like to give a talk on The Quran and Anarchy. Good work wise, I’d like to help setup an intranet based on IPFS and Libp2p and use it to document and share and connect decentrally to get sh*t done efficiently. Can’t say if either will happen or it’ll turn out well, but I figure this would be the place to try, God willing :slight_smile:



Welcome, Sahid! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Quran & anarchy! That sounds like a very interesting mix!