Pacifism/Love Thy Government

Many are pissed, rightfully so, against being controlled. The state has many tricks up its sleeve to keep you from using your anger effectively towards change. Begging for your masters to lighten up on marijuana laws is one of the funniest acts of “resistance” I’ve seen. 1st of all, your masters want you to be stoned or drunk or in front of the TV or in front of video games. (adults on video games is funny shit). 2nd: Your masters will continue to make you more passive and more controlled at the same time. You’ll never gain freedom this way. What’s next ? Running with scissors in front of the “state house” ?
Check this from the Anarchist Library: This book will show that nonviolence, in its current manifestations, is based on falsified histories of struggle. It has implicit and explicit connections to white people’s manipulations of the struggles of people of color. Its methods are wrapped in authoritarian dynamics, and its results are harnessed to meet government objectives over popular objectives. It masks and even encourages patriarchal assumptions and power dynamics. Its strategic options invariably lead to dead ends. And its practitioners delude themselves on a number of key points.

Given these conclusions, if our movements are to have any possibility of destroying oppressive systems such as capitalism and white supremacy and building a free and healthy world, we must spread these criticisms and end the stranglehold of nonviolence over discourse while developing more effective forms of struggle.

what do you think is the most effective way to use your anger at the state?

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  1. Convince 1 million others.


Cato At Liberty reported last year:

> The overwhelming body of literature, however, using a variety of different methods and different definitions, suggests that libertarians comprise about 10-20% of the population, but may range from 7-22%.

Even taking their lowest number of 7%, that would be 22,799,000 libertarians in the United States.

What’s step 2?


I’m glad I’m not an angry leftist.

“It’s better to be quiet and do what needs to be done than to be noisy and not do what needs to be done. If you need to shoot, shoot, don’t talk.”

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So are you saying that more people should sit quietly on the statehouse steps, instead of yelling, while they beg for lighter marijuana “laws” ? 2 kinds of people in this world. Those with loaded guns. And those who dig. You dig.

So, no Step 2, Samm?

You know, the term “pacifist” is often confused with the word “passive”. But it seems the latter describes you almost completely. While deriding the actions of others, I’ve seen zero evidence of you taking any steps towards freedom.

You only seem interested in passively accepting oppression while quoting those you deem “great thinkers” and waiting for others to earn freedom for you.

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Independence is a key. I use it. I hope many others here are taking steps like I do.
There’s much “resistance” in the Shire that takes the form of protesting. When you do this you are legitimizing this gang/gov’t.

Capitalism is simply having private property. Why would you be against the notion? We are at each others throats nearly the instant we no longer have it.

You advocate against something people like myself hold essential if we’re going to be social beings not at war. And you want to violently inflict your ideas of what is right or wrong on the rest of us? Start to see the problem here?

I don’t do protesting, but to each his own.

Voting legitimizes the government…and makes voters part of the government. But if someone decides to vote, that doesn’t make them my enemy.

Protesting doesn’t legitimize government, it recognizes the government has de facto authority.

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Join you in taking what steps?
Your list of things people shouldn’t do gets longer and longer while your list of actions one should take to achieve freedom remains at zero.

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FBI informant, your reapeated attempts at inciting violence here are useless. Go away.


Translation : Us FBI informants would prefer that you people that talk about resistance and self defense not interfere with our control over the Shire and our job to make the Shire ineffective at combating oppression.

So in case you havn’t checked out my post “INDEPENDENCE?”, you could look there. I’ve taken quite a few steps towards freedom. Not all are listed. More to come as well. When I put up the post, “INDEPENDENCE?” I honestly thought There would be more proud responses from this “freedom” group. It is a key to freedom. So is resistance.
I highly recommend reading Jay’s post titled “Kaczynski-Technological Slavery” or purchasing the book. A lot of thought put towards the value of Independence especially as a requirement for some revolution. What steps are you taking Aahz, towards Independence ? which is a key to freedom.

who are you complaining about?

I’m not taking any steps towards independence, Samm. I am already independent, and have not been dependent on anyone or anything for quite some time.

I am also the most free I’ve ever been in my life, but am always interested in hearing what steps you think I could be taking to increase my personal freedom.

Perhaps you’re conflating the two terms when really they have very little to do with each other.

In your “Independence?” thread you mention heating with wood and organic gardening. I fail to see how gas/electric heat or non-organic foods are limiting my freedom.

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I dunno how anyone can honestly say they feel freer after spending some quality time keeping a wood fire going. It’s usually less expensive, but not as far as your time and convenience go. Leaving your house for multiple days at a time during the winter without having your pipes freeze sounds freer to me. If you’re heating an old house in NH without upgraded insulation with oil/gas/electric, then yeah…you’re going to pay out the ass. Don’t make a mistake like me paying too much to rent a shitty old house and burn $700 in oil during January…

It’s about providing essential needs on your own. Not being dependent on complicated systems. The simpler ways are also there when other systems fail, like when the power goes out or heavens-to betsey,if the stores close. All in all I guess you could still consider yourself free and be dependent at the same time on: oil companies,grocery stores,electric companies, new car dealers,pharmaceutical industry (from eating too much gang-regulated GMO foods), the internet,your cell phone,carpenters,plumbers,mechanics,mortgage companies,landlords,the town,the state,fire dept,police. Wave a flag.:crazy_face: Roughing it does require work and a love for it as well.

Ouch! My gas furnace went out during the end-of-year freeze, so I had to go all electric for a couple weeks and still paid less than $400 for the month.

Exactly. They’re still there should other systems fail. Hence using modern conveniences is not the same as being dependent on them.