Opinions on TrueReply ICO?

I’ve been looking into a few ICOs lately, one of them is TrueReply. I think they have a pretty good idea – they let you take voice based surveys to earn crypto. It has to be through an Amazon Alexa powered device though. But since almost everyone owns one of these devices nowadays, I believe this will help more people get into the crypto space without risk. The skill has already been enabled on Alexa as well, so it’s not one of those scammy ICOs without any working product.

What happens when Amazon removes it from their app store? What happens when Amazon releases their own crypto with ‘voice surveys’? Why do you need a new crypto for surveys? What’s wrong with mailing checks or bitcoin or Paypal? Pretty sure most people here do not own an Alexa.

This is a shit coin.

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I don’t own an alexa, or a google squawk box, nor do I have any plan to.

When I click on a news article, and they have one of those google surveys, I click back to where I was if I can’t skip it.

Google already has too much information on me… why would I want to give them more for free?