Online Petition - Language Suggestions?

I’m tweaking a petition plugin at Using our own site instead of or whatever protects us from a big tech takedown.

Please don’t share it just yet - wanted to post it here first to get feedback on the language:

“I want New Hampshire to peacefully declare independence from the United States and become a sovereign nation.”


You can test the app at :

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Off the cuff, I guess if it were me writing it I’d say: “I would prefer that New Hampshire govern itself rather than be governed by Washington.”

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Updated the language. Thank you.

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Any other last minute feedback? Russell may be announcing it tonight.

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yea is it ready?

ran into this on twitter

is it ready for promotion?

If you think so. Go for it.

it doesn’t register my vote … actually says I have already signed … but shows 0

Same. And when submitting to put out a block of random characters with an OK button.

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Thanks guys - got the signatures to show up, but still haven’t figure out how to get rid of the garbage notification box. Grr. I thought this thing was working.

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