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I remember the early days of The Ridley Report and am a fan of street activism and the uncensorbility (SP?) of signs Signs SIGNS, everywhere a Sign.

I hope that Dave will contact me so that we can do an update show on his reboot… 'cause it’s going to be required in the years to come.

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Just my opinion… my sense is that the underlying frustration
in the liberty community will, in less than a years time, will
explode across NH with a force that is unstoppable.

I sense this frustration in the other employees I work with,
and with the customers I interact with on a daily basis.

Something big is coming, with a force that will make it

You mean from agent provocateurs fomenting dissent and frustration against radical freedoms some of us advocate such as nudity?
Possibly the ridiculous slander and libel they issue that is being harmfully accepted as fact causing outrage in the blind followers of such fake news?

I hope many of you come out to BarteTowne the last weekend of October for our gathering.

I do NOT mean “from agent provocateurs fomenting dissent and frustration against radical freedoms”, I mean from those of us in NH advocating liberty.
I think that we pay too much attention to our adversaries, and not enough attention to the common man in NH.
I believe that that the people of NH are going to react to over-reaching policies in education, drug reform, gun rights, in medical matters, alcohol, sexting by people who are at or above the age of consent, prostitution, in every aspect of life in NH.
Yes, we have a lot of people in NH who do NOT accept as fact the ridiculous slander and libel that is being issued.

When I say that “Something big is coming, with a force that will make it
unstoppable.” I mean from the liberty community, and that means far more
people than the activists we have been hearing from, those who are the
public voice of liberty in NH.

Liberty is coming in full force, unstoppable, and it will not occur in protests
per se… it will simply come in massive civil disobedience to the strictures
of our society… and the state and even the cities will be helpless to do
anything about it.

After thinking about it, I would suggest this analogy…

The Death of Hippie, and some said the death of hippies, occurred in 1967.
The festival was about the music, first and foremost, but it was for the new
hippie music, the music of the young, the music of the rebels in American
society. Protests against the Vietnam war occurred often and were large.
Chicago 1968 protest at the Democratic National Convention. The Weathermen.
Several rock concerts had occurred in San Francisco.

In 1969, the Woodstock music festival was held. Initially just a local
music festival, expected to draw 30-50,000 people, it ended up drawing
half a million young people. Nudity was common. Sex was common.
Drugs were common. Peace and love were common. Law enforcement
was helpless.

It’s this kind of surge I expect sometime before the end of next year.
It will be a surge of liberty-lovers that will be unstoppable.

Wow thanks Ernie, i’ll send you an email. I have to be square with you that I tend to complain a lot about liberty leaning media outlets being underfocused on New Hampshire. Especially now that we are apparently starting to lose Free talk Live. So it was a hopeful sign to see this post.

Oh and I put up 8 signs today :slight_smile:

Leif I think you do have a point that the rising rage of so many people at being deplatformed by DC… and / or cut off from hearing non-lapdog views… I guess it can’t go on forever without the lid blowing off.

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sent an email to Donna, looks like my email for you is kinda old but not the one for Donna

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okie sent u email

I just interviewed Ridley on um new Podcast

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