Old Newbie

I’ve been part of various libertarian forums for years. Posted a lot on Mises back before it got weird. Voted libertarian for president 4 times now. Mined bitcoin on my computer back when it was $3 a piece.

I’d like to get more involved and possibly live in NH.

Link from the forkfest website.

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Welcome - we’d love to have you in NH!

welcome nater… despite the influx we do need new blood… especially new blood that is on a viable and publicly viewable web forum! and it does seem like things are spinning up here on t he forum as the deplatforming deepens


We need new blood because we’re vampires…

And blood is our bread and butter.

I’ll just speak for me!

Carry on.
As you were.


Did you get rich because of 3 dollar bitcoins?

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Fuck no, cashed them out at $7 when I decided that Bitcoin would probably be copied and improved and eventually be a pile of useless trash since the people running it had no interest in making an actual useable currency.