Officially Unofficial Forkfest 2018 Events Calendar

I was unsuccessful in finding an online calendar that allowed the general public to add and edit their own events while not allowing third parties to edit existing events. So the best I could come up with was to make a Google calendar that allows anyone to invite it to events.

To view the calendar visit

To add an event to the Forkfest 2018 calendar simply make the event on your own Google Calendar and then invite to the event.
Your event will then automatically appear on the Forkfest 2018 calendar and any future edits will be sent automatically as well.

To add the Forkfest 2018 events calendar to your Google Calendar just visit
If you’re logged in to Google it should ask if you want to add it to your calendar.

NOTE: I am not attending Forkfest and will NOT be doing any maintenance, etc on this calendar (or even checking the email account associated with it). I just went ahead and set it up.
In fact, if anyone would like to take over the address I needed to make to create this calendar (forkfest@gmail was already taken) just drop me a PM and I’ll gladly pass control over to you.

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You might be able to create a public Google Survey that stores responses in a public Google Sheet, then allow people to fill in the survey with their even and allow everyone to view the read-only spreadsheet.

Sure, someone might be able to do that, and I encourage anyone to do so. But someone suggested a Google Doc on another thread a few days back and no one had done so. I checked into it and didn’t see anyway for people to control their own events, so went the Google Calendar route.

As I said above, I’m not even interested in Forkfest myself. Just knew how to do this, so I did. People are free to use it, ignore it, or create any alternative.

How does one see the calendar without adding it? Is there a link for that?

There does not seem to be a way to view a Google Calendar on its own without adding it to your own Google calendar. But one can easily hide it or delete it from their personal calendar.

There’s also the iCal format url ( ) which can be used “to access this calendar from other applications”. I’m not really sure how that works, but if someone’s using a non-Google calendar app they could try that one.

Finally, if someone wanted to place the calendar on a static webpage, they could do so using the following code-
<iframe src=";wkst=1&amp;bgcolor=%23FFFFFF&amp;;color=%231B887A&amp;ctz=America%2FNew_York" style="border-width:0" width="800" height="600" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

That’s all I got

The Free Keene calendar is visible to the public without having to add it.

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Playing around with the urls tells me that should work for the Forkfest calendar then.

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I see it

@Aahz can you set the default view to be Agenda instead of Month?

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Ooh, much better!

The new link is

Or I just made a cleaner shortcut:


@jaynoone add wedding info?

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[Press Release]
Hello Readers and Listeners,
I will be offering a presentation at ForkFest 2018, here are the details:
"Consciousness, Unconsciousness, and other realities of the Cosmonaut"
with El Stone and Co.
Cost: $10 (trades accepted), freeloading from perimeter is allowed also
Location: Rogers
Time: Monday afternoon, June 18th, 2018

You gonna add that to the calendar, @El_Stone? So far it looks like a guy from Cincy wants to commit open alcohol civil disobedience every single day, which is awesome, but that’s it besides Darryl’s event.

I don’t think I’m registered on that yet so prolly not

You don’t need to register for the calendar, you just need a Google account. So, anyone who has ever used gmail, an android phone or the Chrome browser is capable of posting to the calendar without making a new login. That’s one of the reasons I choose to use Google calendar.

cool, done

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@FTL_Ian I did the google calendar thing and added the wedding stuff to it but it is not showing up in the Fork fest calendar

Did you invite