Official Shire Society recognition as a "new" revolutionary government

Hello all.

I’ve been strategizing for a legal case in New Hampshire that would force the State to recognize the “Shire Society” as a “new” government parallel to itself. This would be authorized by Part I, Article 10 of the New Hampshire Constitution.

I’m not a signer of the Society Declaration… but would be very interested to hear if any Society members are currently targets of the State.

Anyone know anyone being prosecuted right now?

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It appears there’s a lul in current attacks although 2 prominent advocates of the Shire Society are in federal prison from NH under federal charges.

Thanks for the reply El_Stone.

Part I, Article 10 doesn’t apply to federal officers, unfortunately. The charges have to come from a state actor.

Shalon None got convicted for a family governance choice.
That’s a good one.

Thank you for the reference. Ideally we need a case where there is no victim, no one endangered, and the person being prosecuted is a Shire Society signer.

With the DCYF case the State can say it was protecting a child and that it is amongst it’s core function of operations.

It seems overt persecution is largely done through local collaborators, enforcers, and informants sent to collect information, insert and spread FUD, and otherwise disrupt the flow of information from SSV Ministers to the potential converts while subtly persecuting us through methods outlined in the late Sharon Clark’s books “Dystopia by Stealth” available at

The incarceration and theft of assets is also a problem as seen with the Shire Free Church being looted and marginalized as a “business” while Aria and Ian are imprisoned.

I “sold” bitcoin at a loss the past few weeks and months to pay for my travel expenses.

One propaganda point was that Ian and Aria “charged high rates” compared to uncited other traders.
By giving BTC away to friends and people of shared faith at lower rates than the large exchanges, we can use that as a moral leverage point of giving back to our community.
Similarly, after natural disasters, capitalists have occasionally been villified for delivering goods for higher prices. Certainly the US dollar denominated price inflation the past 10 years has been a natural disaster. Providing the goods to survive through this (bitcoin) at below market rates to other believers can’t be successfully attacked as “price gouging”.

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