Noster, the distributed social network

Hello fellow freedom loving friends,

I came across another new, interesting agorist tool yesterday, and thought I’d pass word of it along. It’s a distributed social network (a communications protocol) called Nostr and there are various websites and apps that make use of it.

Here’s a place to start:
And, so far, Coracle is my favorite web-based client:
Crypto fans may like the Alby client:

Enjoy! Have fun!

ps. BTW, Coracle is still beta so you will hit bugs. For example, half the time you submit a post, it just doesn’t get sent out. To counter this, I suggest copying your post into your buffer before hitting the ‘send’ button. So, then if it doesn’t work, you can paste it in a new one and try again until you see it being sent, and you are given the chance to ‘view’ it.

pss. Also, I think you can find my feed and follow easily by going to ‘scan’ option in the left-hand menu and pasting my public key into the field: npub1uk70f2t5xn7eqy6kvu2m65hnaqxcqpl3yv4uad4pja85scquv94q5fzjsj

Give me a follow, and I’ll give you a follow back, and we all start to hook up.

Good resource I just found:

I’ve switched to Iris as a web based nostr client. Has the features I wanted, and I haven’t found a single bug yet.

Excellent and useful options to use the internet when more centralized servers are unavailable.