Nobody Interviewed on WASR-AM in Wolfeboro, NH

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Talk show host Eric Scott had Nobody on his show on WASR-AM/FM in Wolfeboro for an hour last week and we captured it for you to watch. Enjoy and visit and be sure to vote for Nobody for Governor in the Republican primary on Sept 8th in New Hampshire.

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I’m glad you have some opposition against your governor. In MA, Shiva Ayyadurai lost his senate primary race last night but got a good respectable 44% against the establishment candidate. I’ve really been impressed with his campaign against the mask and vaccine mandates. Hopefully Nobody and Karen Testerman will at least do better than expected. I don’t think either has a chance, or else I would say one should drop out to help the other. But imagine if they got a combined 40% or so… it might force establishment Republicans listen more to their libertarian constituents.

You can’t drop out once the registration period ends.