Nobody Fights the State and Wins!

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Nobody, your humble narrator, was handed a major victory today. Thanks in large part to excellent representation by my Public Defender, Robin Pisan, the State chose to drop three charges against me, one for Disobeying an Officer, one for driving on a suspended registration, and one for driving on a suspended license. I was not guilty of any of these offenses, the first was a case of mistaken identity, and the other two were not violations of the law, because driving on suspended whatever is only a crime when you know your license is suspended — or in legal jargon, the “Knowingly” mental state. In my case, I had not been in Keene, where I live, for months, and thus had not received any mail about my license.

But that does not mean that Justice has prevailed in these cases. Quite the opposite. Massive harm was done to me by the false arrests. It cost me …

Nobody Fights The State, and Wins!

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Glad you at least got the appearance of justice and that it wasn’t worse.

Also, interesting isn’t it that you can’t get reparations from this particular offending party for the damage done to you mentally, monetarily, and time costs.

Given all that, it is clear to see justice was not done. When there’s a monopoly on justice, there is no justice.

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I have to admit it, I love Nobody. And I’m convinced that Nobody loves me. That’s why I fully support Nobody and Nobody’s activism, and why I intend to vote for Nobody whenever they run for office.

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