NHexit weekly e-meeting?

"E-Join our NH Independence Town Hall…as of Oct 2022, these meetings are Sundays 3p U.S. Eastern Time! No acct needed:
https://meet.jit.si/NHIndependenceTownHallMtgAudioTaped "

I attended the jitsi e-meeting at 1pm on sunday the last two sundays but no one was there… i heard there is a new time? is there also a new URL? details requested…

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It’s at 3pm now on Sundays.
" https://meet.jit.si/NHIndependenceTownHallMtgAudioTaped "

Should i give out the phone number and codes? one can phone in to the conferences. I will probably do that in a few days if no one objects.

From what I understand the phone system for Jit.si wasn’t working this past town hall meeting. There is a video recording of the weekly (now 3PM Sunday, though I suspect we might return to 1PM if whomever we moved it for doesn’t end up making 3PM as 1PM seems to have attracted more folks) town hall meetings typically. I’m not sure if you are still posing them somewhere Ridley.

i can probably post them to ridleyreport.com if someone will send me the files by email or something. Telegram is not working on my computer though (just my phone) so sending it that way won’t really work. Do you have my email Penguin?

what time is it on sundays now? didn’t see anyone at 258p or 330p but i wandered off in beteween

A lot of us were busy this week. Last week we had five attendees.

3pm Eastern is the start on Sunday

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If I can ever make it … it would be 3.
The other problem we have … is this has always been a bad time/day for Alu.

Alu made it a couple weeks ago. Since his seizure he has not been working his old job, sadly, but that does mean he can easier make the meeting.

NHexit weekly e-meeting 10/23/2022… listen like a podcast