NHexit: Peaceable resistance "pre-enactment"... need actors!

I’d like to schedule an event in Keene where we role-play “NH Independence Nonviolent Resistance.” The way these folks did:

basically some civil rights activists would pretend to sit illegally at a lunch counter and other civil rights activists would rough them up on camera. This got them used to it and set the tone. It helped the NAACP and others outshine the violent activists so much that we remember them today rather than the rock throwers.

Do the rest of you have ideas on how/where/when to do this?

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Tentatively looking at Tues. Nov 9, Update: Looks like this date won’t work and probably would happen later.

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I cannot make this date.
Maybe I can play good cop or bad cop in a “pre-enactment” sometime

What would you be acting out?

Maybe one person hold a US out of NH sign and someone else starts shoving them and grabs the sign?

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maybe some verbal abuse by an Empire Loyalist
or one of those annoying “cop conversations” with bad cop