NHexit friend Rep. Paul Terry could use help in Alton Sept 13, posts this response to attack

Msg from Paul Terry to me below; he voted in favor of CACR 32 , the right of the people to vote on NH indepedence : If anyone is going to help him, I would probably accept a carpool from Rindge.

"Thanks now for your offer to help. As you are unable to make it up this way on Primary Day, let me share with you portions of a statement I have made in response to the irresponsible and scurrilous Granite PAC mailer sent to the people in my new district of Alton and Barnstead. Feel free to report it on freetalklive.com or the other social media you mentioned.

The attack on Rep. Paul Terry claims “he was part of a dangerous effort to secede from the union,” and that he is guilty of “violating [his] oath of office.” In fact, in a public statement on April 14, 2022, and now substituting Granite PAC as the new false accusers, he wrote, "I voted in favor of CACR 32 because I believed that the voters of New Hampshire ought to have the right to discuss, debate and decide an issue of enormous public significance. [Granite PAC] may believe what they wish about my intention, but that does not make them any less reprehensibly incorrect than [they] were in charging me with [advocating for immediate] secession from the United States.” He continued, stating that, "Apparently I have more respect for the intelligence of our citizens than [Granite PAC]. And, according to [Granite PAC], apparently I was wrong to believe that New Hampshire would have been well served to provide our people with a tremendous opportunity to engage in a grand exercise of both our cherished freedoms and our marvelous civic duties.” This is no violation of an oath of office. In fact, it is a responsible act of taking the oath seriously.

Please urge voters in Alton and Barnstead to vote for me next Tuesday, September 13, and to urge their neighbors to do so, as well. The opposition is well funded and dangerous.

And thank you very much!

Paul Terry

Rev. Paul A. Terry
Member - NH House (Belknap-5)
Candidate for Reelection (Belknap - 7)
House Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee
Alton NH " (physical address redacted by Ridley pending consultation)

…and wins!