NHexit E-meetings

Note from early 2022: On Jan 9 the Independence Meeting starts as usual at 1:00pm, but is followed at
1:30pm at the same URL…by a general meeting of NH liberty leaders. This meeting requested by Terese Grinnell aka Nurse Terese.

I’m starting a weekly electronic town hall meeting for NH folks of all persuasions to discuss the drive for New Hampshire independence. For now these are scheduled for Sundays starting 1:00pm including tomorrow; I will not always attend.
" https://meet.jit.si/NHIndependenceTownHallMtgAudioTaped "

While the small Tuesday meetings have focused on getting work done, these will be more of a free for all with a focus on inviting and engaging pro-Federal New Hampshirites. Though unenforceable, my preference would be that you join the meetings only if you are in New Hampshire…or a New Hampshire resident.

Eventually this URL may become overwhelmed or unmanageable…at which point we can just set up a new one or try something else. It’s disposable.

The meetings will generally be recorded and publicized, so notice to that effect is written into the URL. Am expecting expect to invite many foes of our plan. It’s okay if they outnumber us. Treat them kindly; give the other side time/space to make their case or even attack us personally. If someone’s going to be rude, let it be anti-independence folks.

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Kudos for setting this up, Dave.

I think the day and time are excellent for this format.

Let’s give them all a chance to vent - and then produce reasoned articles for any interested parties with open minds (which might, of course, include the original dissenter by that time).

Great idea! Well done!



only 2 people at the first one. i’ve invited as many in-state opponents as I know plus quite a few I don’t. I don’t want to invite a bunch of echo chamber folks who agree with me, because I don’t want us to overly outnumber them in the discussion. For this to succeed… i’ll need others of you to invite our opposition.

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I also think we could use the time to hear, understand, and clarify our opponents and our positions … without trying to fully persuade them in one session.
I also think some of these guys will never support them … I just want to expose their positions. :slight_smile:

“With reasonable men, I will reason; with humane men I will plead; but to tyrants I will give no quarter, nor waste arguments where they will certainly be lost.”

William Lloyd Garrison

Very well put, Russell.

Especially for the ones who are not interested in anything other than nay-saying – a perfect opportunity to let them feel heard and possibly even validated – while exposing their positions so that we can craft good responses to present to others who may have similar concerns but are more open-minded.

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Town Hall for supporters to meet those with questions, concerns, opposition, or seeking ways to help. Please join us next week.


Sunday at 1pm eastern

Links from 9/26/2021 chat:

Proclivity for Taxing Income


Ana Stanic


Page 33 referenced in chat


The Club 75 Alliance is a proposed alliance between Club 75 and Free State Project participants, to achieve a mutually beneficial goal: turning New Hampshire into an independent country with no income tax.

NHexiter and mandate-protest leader Terese Grinnell, RN…has requested a meeting of NH “liberty leaders” and i have suggested to her that we could do this at 130pm this Sunday Jan 9, i.e. it would start half an hour after the weekly NH independence meeting. For now we’re moving forward with that and starting to contact folks along those lines. Details to follow.

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Large town hall meeting on January 9th:

and update:


Meetings changing to every eight days so more can theoretically attend:

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QandA tonight at 7pm

Latest 1/2 hour meeting of our illustrious separatists: