NH secession-referendum hearing Jan 12! Sign wave 8:30a.m.!

I took my car into the shop for my December inspection
on Monday (8 days late). First there was more work
needed than I anticipated, so it had to go into Tuesday.
On Wednesday I got a call saying that one of the new
parts was damaged right out of the box, and an order
for a replacement was expected yesterday, but the work
would not be done until today. If the part didn’t get in
yesterday, it be in today.

I’m still waiting. If I can’t get the car back by very early
tomorrow I won’t make it by 8:30, although there’s a
possibility I could make it for the 10:15 hearing.

My car won’t be ready until about 10:00am tomorrow.
I have to be back for work by 1:00pm tomorrow.

Looks like I’m not going to make it.
I really wanted to do this.

I never knew the statehouse had a YouTube channel.
This morning’s proceedings should be live-streamed at

I learned a lot about house this committee works today.
This was a much more reserved hearing on the part
of liberty activists. Far fewer of them, but more to the
point. Carla, especially did a great job.

Now my question is - how does one submit written
testimony. It might be too late for this round, but I
would like to know for future reference. Especially,
what’s this “portal” that they say written testimony
can be submitted through?

[found the portal… thanks anyway]

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Thanks for all the interest in this LA.

exec sessions are open to public in all cases I’m aware of. but no public comment. So you can “comment” to them as they enter or leave. I interviewed some committee members as they were leaving the building but I have so much video from outside the hearing etc. it’s gonna take a long time to get it all on the air.

thank you to Chris Wade, riley blake, joseph, doctordoom and his companion who’s name I didn’t get… and all the others who showed up for the ungodly early sign wave at 8:15am ! Thanks to Michael who attended the 12p one even though the meeting broke so early.

Ok so the apparent dismissive treatment of our people delivering testimony…is hopefully a grievance I can raise with some members of the committee… I don’t own a car but hopefully i can get back to Concord around the time they are having a cmte meeting… and ambush interview them with your concerns.

“as for the means the state has provided me for changing it…they take too long, and a man’s life will be gone.”

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Tonight 6pm
meet.nhexit.us join by phone or computer
we will have time for questions from newbies this time
MattC will debrief us on Friday testimonies.
I will read online testimonies to fill time if necessary.